Rhythm of life

Rhythm of life

Rhythm of Life is a uniquely exciting and colourful combination of dance, acrobatics and performance art. The show features 17 international and astonishingly talented artists; including vibrant dancers and skilled acrobats from Europe.

This 75-minute dance revue transforms the story into a tapestry of colour and costume with its swirling dance pieces, using special light effects and ground-breaking visual effects

On our stage the whole entire world beats to the same rhythm, to the Rhythm of Life! What else could be associated with the Rhythm of Life than our heartbeat? Sometimes it is slower, sometimes it is faster but our heart never stops. It keeps our body in motion and its beat provides the Rhythm.

Wherever we go on this Earth, this “Rhythm” can beat happiness or sorrow, can beat alone or pulse with a crowd and every now and then it is so joyful, it is capable of performing miracles. The heart – and feet – of the dancers will move in synch with the most beautiful and spectacular tempos that will lead us around the globe. With these romantic tempos we take our audience and pay a visit to places like Middle East, India and the United States. The dance accompanies the viewer to the gorgeous countries of Europe; our destinations will include Spain, Italy and Hungary. We will meet girls from the UK and exotic dancers of Japan and South America too, just to name a few.


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